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SanDisk Sansa e260 4GB


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Less expensive than the iPod. Expandable storage with microSD. Will run Rockbox.

The Cons:No dedicated volume control. Power switch used as Home key.

Similar to the iPod Nano, this mp3 player comes in at a cheaper price. Equipped with a color screen and an icon-based menu system. This is th e mid-ranged modle of the e200 series, with the e260 (6 gig) and e280 (8 gig) above it.

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Product Shot 2 The 2 gig e280 is the lowest and least expensive e200 series available. All 4 media players can handle good video quality (converter software included), pictures, an expansion slot, and radio. A high-quality voice recorder also comes in handy.

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    less expensive than the iPod

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    expandable storage with microSD

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    Will run Rockbox

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    Long battery time (20 hours)

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    No dedicated volume control

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    Power switch used as Home key.

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mrtwister: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb I bought the 4gig model a year or so ago on a clearance/markdown from Circuit City. It has been great so far. I have hardly used it to it's capacity, but everything works good. I like the SD slot, and the overall sturdy feel of it. The battery life seems pretty good too, if you just play music with it. I plug it into an adapter in my car and it works great. The small controls and various menu's make it kind of a pain to use while driving, but I suppose the only thing you should be doing while driving is driving. Aug 14, 08
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athenaxena: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb Got the e260 6 gig 3 months ago from Amazon and love it. I am studying for a board exam and have rcored lectures i listen to while running, walking, gym, etc. and have dropped it numerous times just keeps on going. Also have lots of music for breaks. I love this thing much better than my 2nd gen IPOD which was a pain, of course it had a hardrive so it has a skip where I used to land hard on trail runs.

No special software and even my older computer recognizes it and plays nice.

Paid less than $80.00 Feb 14, 08
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Partok81: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb I've had mine for about 6 mos. now. Nice little unit; for the price. While not as 'polished' as Apple's newest Nano, it can be expanded to hold more music/videos via the micro SD slot.
The case front is more scratch resistant than the 1st gen Nano, while the back of the Sansa is MUCH more scratch resisting. You'll need that resistance as there aren't many companies making cases for this compared to the Nano.
Since it uses usb it's easy to add files to without any special software. It shows up as a regular flashdrive on your pc/mac desktop. Feb 10, 08
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iwlso: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb Is it true that it would be scratched very easily? I was looking for one and saw it says on the package that it has "strong alloy metal rear casing provides scratch resistance"....so it's not as advertised then? Dec 19, 07
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ryedady: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb wish I wouldnt have been so cheap. Should have sprung for the Nano, I pod is more expensive but there is a million awesome accessories that I wish I could get plus I now have an alpine stereo thats I-pod compatible. dont get me wrong its a good unit but can only integrate via headphone jack or fm modulater no after market accessories besides generic universal products Sep 12, 07
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MBUKEY: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb I agree with Gustador. I have had my sansa since December and have loved it. My only complaint is the lack of accessories for this product. I have to carry it around in my work out case all the time. Besides the lack of accessories, I would recommend this product 100% percent. May 7, 07
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gustador: #sandisk_sansa_e260_4gb I bought the 4GB version about 3 weeks ago and really like it. The fm radio is good outside. I use Yahoo music with this since it has Playforsure. I had the Nano but sold it since it didn't have enough storage (2GB), scratched VERY easily and I just couldn't get the hang of it (menu's, itunes, transfer from nonMac). I can't wait for some cases to be made for this. I've been treating it like a baby til I get a cover. Sep 23, 06
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